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Welcome to Riverina Technology

T a k i n g   T h e   L o c a l   W a y   To   S t e p   I n t o   T o m o r r o w

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After extensive research and planing i would like to start my technology based company providing the Riverina competitive up to date products & solutions training & employment for domestic, business and government consumers the world has to offer


What i am trying to do is build a fund (60k) which will be placed into a term deposit for security to start my business up. This fund is security for the bank and will not be accessible for 5 yrs and earning interest for the life on the account. All people who invest in my venture will have the option to get there funding back and interest accrued during the term.

0 60k


Thankyou again to those who have been interested in my business venture "Riverina Technology" we have now achieved 25% of my target. I am so grateful for those who believe in me.

For more Information or If you would like to help me with my goal please contact me on

0433 66 1119 or at